Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 14

So far on day 14 I have only written a few words, but I finished last night on 22,419... so I'm hoping to do a minimum of 919 words to stay on track. Given that I have not yet lost a days worth of words, I don't plan on starting now, so it'll be likely I will keep my lead and do at least 1,700 words again today.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Word Count Blues

Well I finished up last night at 19,017 and now I'm finding today somewhat sluggish and lacking motivation. Entirely unfair.

Current word count is 19,459...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post Nano

Well, I am currently thinking about re-writing my entire novel post NaNoWriMo. There are a lot of basic things I have neglected to elaborate on, so it really needs it. I fear if somebody reads my novel come the end of November, that it will be a very poor read. However, I am willing to take that chance. I don't normally tend to let others read my novels, when they are not up to scratch.

Major Update

...because I have been lazy and posting random snippets via facebook instead of here on my Blog.

So here we go...

Daily Totals

Day #1... 1,714
Day #2... 3,429
Day #3... 5,149
Day #4... 6,875
Day #5... 10,023
Day #6... 10,200
Day #7... 12,000
Day #8... 13,704
Day #9... 15,421
Day #10... 17,157
Day #11... Pending

As of midnight last night, I am ahead of the curve by 487, not a lot by any means but helpful all the same.

As for my novel itself. We have seen the arrival of three interesting creatures. Two are Fae in nature, but have yet to show themselves to Sybilla. The third is that of Ashtoroth, a small green dragon with black wings no larger than a kitten. Apparently he has the ability to shapeshift into what passes for a 17 year old human boy, in this form he calls himself Ash T Roth, and he is a guide of sorts to Sybilla. His name is not entirely unique but it will do for now.

Oh and war has also broken out in the Province of Rosene. Everybody including Ash and Sybilla are currently holed up in a bomb shelter which is located underneath the kitchen in the Manor House. The war was instigated by Sybilla's uncle Augustin (her human uncle, that is), together he and an army of automatons and Mechanical Brass Dragons are attacking the Royal Palace of Rosene simply because Augustin is bitter that he was born without any magickal talent. Again not entirely original, but it's pushing the word count along.

Oh, and not only is Sybilla currently seven years old (I'm working on exactly how old she is when the glamour she is wearing that hides her true fae appearance comes off) but she has not one but two possible crushes. One being Jarvis, a thirteen year old mundane human boy and the other being Ash. Neither of which really make all that much sense. But that's what you get when your main character is really a faery disguised as a seven year old mundane human girl. And a Princess at that.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

6:24pm Day 2

With under six hours left of day two the word countis not looking too good.

Currently 116 words out of 1700.

My main character, Sybilla is now daydreaming out the colour purple.

I will make my days goal even if it means awake until midnight.

I need to pace myself, there is a benefit to getting 600 odd words accomplished in the morning.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

10:17am November 1st

... and I've written a grand total of 1,010 words so far. Yes, I am pacing myself, but life is fairly busy of late, what with four kids.

Sadly, I'm not liking my novel. Writing from the point of view of a seven year old main character may have been the worst idea I ever had. *sigh*

Oh well, even if I restart from a different place in the timeline, the words still count.

At this point, I'm not feeling all that confident.


605 words so far, and I'm calling it a night. I finish up the 1095 remaining words throughout the day tomorrow.

Won't be pushing myself too hard this year.